Lofton Label and Packaging is a privately held company located in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. With over 30 years in the label print industry, our customer base spans the globe. Our employees are committed to service customers with package innovation, label design, print and label application to deliver your brand to market with Lasting Impressions that Stick!

Our understanding of Speed, Distance and Timing to bring your brand forward, enables us to provide timely service, quality print production and flexibility to move your project ahead on time and on budget!  

Our technical experience will save you money and fit your product with the right package to represent your brand image. We will tailor and support your label application for efficient production in your packaging environment.

At Lofton, Label and Packaging customer success and brand image matters! Through every turn of the press, we are making sure that our product will be printed to provide unsurpassed quality of your brand image! Let Lofton Label and Packaging be your complete package solution. With our state of the art package engineering group, label design & print, and label application equipment, our experts can help push innovation and growth to hit your brand objectives.


Taking account of our business needs, customer requirements and the desire to minimize negative impacts on the environment, we maintain our facility, run our business operations and produce products in a responsible manner. Lofton's primary environmental impacts relate to: the company's own energy consumption as well as vendor and supply chain management; business travel; and the consumption of natural resources through its own activities and its procurement processes. Lofton, with the cooperation of its employees, customers, and suppliers, is committed to environmental management through:

  • Participating in efforts to improve environmental protection and the sharing of appropriate knowledge, methods and working practices
  • Monitoring and continually improving performance to help protect the environment, including pollution prevention
  • Managing the consumption of energy, water, paper and other resources used by Lofton in its day-to-day operations
  • Identifying opportunities to divert, minimize, reuse and recycle our waste stream
  • Striving to reduce business travel and promote alternatives wherever possible
  • Working with our customers to develop label and flexible packaging offerings to help our customer base manage their own environmental challenges