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Digitally Transforming Food and Beverage Labeling

May 8, 2019 |

Labeling has never played a more crucial role in your business. To compete in a rapidly changing marketplace, you need labeling processes that are fast and agile. You need to be able to respond rapidly to changes in labeling regulations, and provide the level of detail and transparency regarding food sourcing and ingredients that consumers demand. You need to digitize your labeling.

Digitally transform label design and reduce direct costs

The NiceLabel Label Management System (LMS) moves label design and maintenance out of the IT department and into the hands of the business users. It incorporates universal templates that enable you to significantly reduce the number of label variations. Using its easy-to-use label designer, you can save time, reduce the cost of label design and free up costly IT resources to perform more value-adding tasks.

Digitally transform quality assurance and reduce indirect costs

In the highly-regulated world of food and beverage manufacturing, quality assurance is paramount. The NiceLabel label management system streamlines quality assurance through digitization. You can quickly comply with changing regulatory requirements, resulting in lower risk and higher quality, at a lower cost.

Digitally transform label management for a faster time-to-market

Speed is an important factor in the highly competitive environment of food manufacturing. Mere seconds lost to inefficient processes or poor printing performance can mean millions in lost sales opportunities.

The NiceLabel label management system enables you to seamlessly integrate labeling with your existing business systems. This ensures accurate labels through integration with master data and faster processing times through automation of manual processes. The result is a more agile label process, faster time-to-market and increased sales.

Built for food and beverage

Comply with global and local allergen and nutrition food labeling regulations.

  • Use built-in templates designed to comply with FDA, EU, Country of Labeling (COOL) and other food labeling regulations.
  • Easily format allergen and nutrition information.
  • Print labels in multiple languages without having to create hundreds or thousands of templates.

Integrate labeling with MES and ERP.

  • Integrate the LMS with Wonderware, SAP and other MES and ERP systems.
  • Integrate label and direct marking printers directly with master data.
  • Eliminate costly errors caused by manual data entry and product mislabeling.

Unite all your printers on one system.

  • Simplify your IT landscape by converging factory labeling and marking on one system.
  • Guarantee consistent, standardized labels regardless of the printer or its resolution by using flexible templates that work across all your existing printers.
  • Ensure optimal printing speeds and improve performance across all printers in your organization.

Create a fully transparent label process.

  • Ensure accurate labeling and maintain food safety compliance by having an overview of the entire label production process.
  • Get full traceability of every label ever printed or marked.

Digitally transforming labeling leads to tangible results

  • 82% of customers experienced direct cost savings.
  • 24% of customers have achieved indirect cost savings of more than $10,000 per location.
  • $350,000 of annual savings achieved by a customer from the food and beverage industry who reduced product returns due to labeling errors.

Source: NiceLabel