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How to know when you should bring printing in-house

June 10, 2019 |

Professional-quality printing services are vital for businesses of all sizes, but there are many advantages to having professional grade options paired with the convenience of an in-house service. This question is always difficult for one individual to answer, so bring it before your team and be sure to consider all options, benefits, and costs.

Get a sense of your labeling needs

Look at your budgets and your distant future planning: one year, three years, five years out. An organization would be well-minded to bring these following issues to their entire team:

  • How much are we spending on outsourced printing services?
  • What’s the average turnaround on a standard order?
  • How does the size of our orders relate to their cost and waiting period?

Quality and Convenience

Outsourcing printing operations is a surefire way to guarantee a quality job, depending on where you’re outsourcing to. But consider the hassle. Another invoice, another vendor relationship, another stop on the track to your financial destination.

Not to mention, the occurrence of an error in a large order. Suddenly the time between your original order placement to the actual delivery of corrected products has doubled — or worse.

There’s a degree of convenience to in-house printing that can never be matched by outsourcing. The printer is in your office or warehouse, pumping out labels whenever you need it to.

Workflow and You

A big challenge faced by many of our customers and clients comes down to workflow. What do you prioritize in a week, a quarter, or a year? How do you pick and choose which irons in which fires need tending, to best meet your goals in the same time period?

Workflow is a lot more manageable when there are more resources under a single roof. Studies have shown a correlation between employee productivity and onsite office design and features. A big factor here is the ease with which an individual employee can accomplish the routine tasks in service of a larger objective.

This is not to say a new printer or printing system will immediately solve all office morale complications, but it suggests a step in the direction of cohesive, unified teamwork.

Security and Privacy

Depending on your industry and the industries you work with or alongside, data privacy is a concern many are currently grappling with. From the large breaches on the news to the constant harassment by scammers and phishers, there’s no shortage of hackers attempting to access the confidential information moving in and out of your office every day.

Every point of data ingress and egress is a potential target. Sending critical information to an outside vendor is just another point of weakness in today’s interconnected business world. In-house printing solutions means your data is secure and safe within your walls and that there’s one less weak spot in your digital armor.

How We Can Help

Lofton knows labels and regulations and has state-of-the-art digital systems now overseeing the right label for every project. We have been in the problem solving industry for decades, and it is our job to find the right solutions for your productivity and security. Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and most importantly, dedicated to giving our clients the best options and services at prices you can afford. Contact us to learn how we can help move your printing services into your own backyard and start realizing your goals today!