The right solutions for your market

Delivering the right label and packaging solutions requires knowing your specific industry. With over 38 years of experience in a wide range of industries, we have the inside knowledge to deliver the right solution for your specific product needs. From animal health to spirits labels and everything in between, as soon as you tell us your market and your product, we already have the wheels spinning for how we’ll make it work.

Harvest a greater impact for your brand

Lofton’s long-term presence in the agriculture industry has proven our ability to turn existing brands into leaders in the field and to establish new brands as a lasting commodity. From product packaging to equipment labels, we take pride in helping cultivate a greater presence for our partners through full-service innovation. We love helping growers, crop managers, and packagers build their resources and enhance their brand.

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Animal Health
Creative solutions to win over any animal lover

When it comes to branding within the animal health industry, there is room for creativity and boldness to give your name a leg up on your competitors. At Lofton, we are determined to help you explore that creativity and provide your brand with the look and feel that will set it apart from the rest. Whether your products are focused on the health of pets, livestock, or somewhere in between, you are always catering to animal lovers. We want to help you win them over.

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Food & Beverage
Stand out on shelves and outperform the competition

Consumer research studies show that as many as 40-50% of grocery purchases are impulse buys. What’s the number one reason people stray from the list and buy a food or beverage item? It’s the label. Your packaging and label need to speak to the appetite and self-image of consumers. Lofton Label & Packaging can create consistent, high-quality labels that deliver lasting ROI in the food and beverage market.

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Health & Beauty
Give your branding a total makeover

Lofton’s role in the health and beauty industry has helped countless groups over the past three decades enhance their image and elevate their brand through innovative and cost-effective solutions. We help companies in the areas of cosmetics, bath, hair, and skin products meet their challenges and achieve greater success through their labeling and packaging strategies.

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Industrial Chemical
Creative solutions for technical businesses

The industrial chemical industry is one of Lofton’s areas of expertise. We’re here to help you enhance your brand and grab a greater share of that market — and then some. Whether you’re large or small, new or old, there are always ways to improve your presence and increase your audience. Our team is here to provide technical expertise through creative and innovative solutions that make your name stand out.

We have more than 38 years of experience providing superior quality at the right cost and delivering lasting ROI to businesses in the industrial chemical industry. We’d like to know what challenges you are currently facing so we can transform those challenges into solutions. Our complete digital and flexographic printing capabilities ensure no job is too big or too complex for Lofton.

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Nutraceuticals & Supplements
Strengthen your brand and boost your bottom line

Looking to enhance your brand’s presence in the nutraceuticals/supplements industry? Lofton can help. We implement quality solutions to set your name above the rest — and have been doing so for more than three decades. From packaging solutions to product labeling, our team of experts is equipped for your success.

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Wine, Beer & Spirits
Give your bottles and cans a boost

The wine, beer, and spirits market has never been more competitive. Entering the space can be a high-risk, low-reward venture if you don’t have the right plan or the right look. Your packaging and labels need to make a bold impression that’s as important as the taste. Lofton Label & Packaging is your partner for high-quality labels that help you be more than just another bottle or can on the shelf.

Our custom wine, beer, and spirits printing capabilities include:

  • Beer bottle, can, and keg label printing
  • Crowler and growler label printing
  • Wine bottle and spirit label printing
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Trusted Labeling Solutions

You know the project specs. So do we, and we work with you to make sure they’re right every time. Contact us today for packaging engineering solutions that functions for your products.