Creative solutions to win over any animal lover

When it comes to branding within the animal health industry, there is room for creativity and boldness to give your name a leg up on your competitors. At Lofton, we are determined to help you explore that creativity and provide your brand with the look and feel that will set it apart from the rest. Whether your products are focused on the health of pets, livestock, or somewhere in between, you are always catering to animal lovers. We want to help you win them over.

We’ve helped animal health companies retool their packaging and label strategies on food, medicine, general care products, and more for just about every animal under the sun. There is a lot of freedom and flexibility in the animal health industry to target your exact audience. Our creative solutions will help you do just that and carve out an increased stake on shelves everywhere. All Lofton processes and products are ISO-compliant, including the use of vision systems and direct to inventory.

You know the project specs. So do we, and we work with you to make sure they’re right every time. Contact us today for packaging engineering solutions that functions for your products.

Call us today for creative solutions that will win over any animal lover.