GPAS - innovative brand protection

Introducing GPAS – The innovative way to protect and trace your products

May 9, 2019 |

Lofton Label & Packaging is excited to announce we are now the only label and packaging provider in the upper Midwest to offer GPAS – the cloud-based brand protection, track-and-trace, and consumer engagement service that has changed the way we authenticate products. If your brand has been threatened by product counterfeiting or diversion, GPAS represents an unrivaled solution to protect the name of your business.

Protect your name

While you may not be aware of counterfeiting or diversion challenges with your products, you are still at risk – and that risk can cost your brand critical amounts of revenue and credibility. Counterfeiting and diversion are becoming more and more prominent across all industries, and can result in:

  • A threat to public health and safety
  • Irreparable brand damage
  • Loss of revenue
  • The undermining of legitimate reseller channels
  • Lack of supply chain visibility

To prove the authenticity of your products and to defend your brand against these threats, you need GPAS.

How GPAS works

GPAS is easily integrated into the design of your label and into the digital printing process, minimizing disruption of your existing products. It works by:

  • Enabling the unique serialization and copy protection of your products, creating a unique QR code on every label
  • Providing full traceability throughout your supply chain and into the hands of your customers
  • Serving as a unique mobile engagement point for easy authentication
  • Delivering ease of use – simply scan the QR code with your smartphone’s camera to prove authenticity and unleash an array of usable data

GPAS also utilizes business intelligence and analytics services, enabling data collection across the value chain and putting the data to work. The delivery of BI and report findings is automated, alerting brand owners in real-time of potential problems within the market.

What industries need GPAS?

The need for product verification and usable analytics is not unique to any one market. GPAS is necessary and effective in a broad range of industries, including:

It’s time to start providing total security for your products and for your brand. Contact us today to prove to your customers and distributors that your business in the real thing.