A breakdown of the different labeling machine types

Lofton is proud to partner with Universal Labeling Systems to provide our customers with a complete range of labeling solutions. No matter the needs and specifics of your application, we have the equipment and the expertise to deliver winning results on time and under budget. Here is a breakdown of the different types of labeling machines to help determine which will best serve your next project.

Conical shape labeling systems

Semi-automatic and automatic conical or tapered shapes that include crescent-shaped or curved labels are a special challenge of labeling. Lofton provides multiple options for the labeling of conical shapes based on speeds, product taper, and multi-label applications. With all applications, label position accuracy is first and foremost in our designs.

Product encapsulating labeling systems

Whether it’s called an encapsulator, spin and place, or trap and wrap, this technique is one of the most consistent ways to apply labels to both cylindrical and conical shapes. It secures products, normally in a three-roller mechanism, by rotating and applying the label in synchronous motion. This method increases label placement accuracy, especially with products of poor quality.

Flag labeling systems

Flagging is a great way to adhere a label around a product and onto itself. This is most commonly seen with products like wires or tubes where the label information exceeds that of the product size. Lofton provides multiple methods of flagging labels, even to very irregular shaped products.

Horizontal roller labeling systems

Horizontal roller conveyors are utilized for a variety of specific labeling applications. The PLC-controlled conveyor systems can be built to index, move continuously, or to serve as a hybrid for both. Horizontal rollers are manufactured to control small diameter products for various labeling applications.

Multi-side labeling systems

Many decorative labels are designed to be applied around multiple sides of square or rectangular products, or some variation of oddly shaped products. These specialty items require the design of product-specific labeling machinery. These labeling systems are a specialty for Lofton with complete design, manufacturing, testing, and documentation, even in tabletop models.

Top and bottom labeling systems

These systems are designed to apply labels to the top and bottom simultaneously, to apply labels to product bottoms, or to “c-wrap” labels around various products. There are three styles that include split belts, interrupted belts, and hugger (side) belt systems. The type is chosen based on the relationship between the product’s contact surface and bottom label.

Tamp and wipe labeling systems

While flat surfaces can utilize standard label tamping (direct surface contact), contoured or irregular surfaces sometimes require tamping and wiping. This method can reduce or eliminate imperfections like wrinkles and air bubbles to the labeled surface by making corner contact and either shuttling the tamp head or fixture to wipe the label onto the product.

Vacuum belt labeling systems

Vacuum belt wrap systems provide both speed and versatility when labeling a variety of cylindrical and conical shaped products. Labels are fed out onto a vacuum belt wrap unit. The product chases the label, applying it accurately and synchronously. The system can be customized to apply both straight and crescent-shaped labels and both a single wrap or front and back labels.

Vertical trunion labeling systems

A vertical trunion is a method of applying labels around cylindrical products at a high rate of speed. The vertical rollers of the trunion control the products from tipping vertically, avoiding label skewing.  This method is commonly used in high volume bottling applications, and increases label placement accuracy, especially with products of poor quality.

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