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Lofton Exclusively Prints With and Distributes Universal Labeling Systems. Here’s Why.

At Lofton, we see a segmented industry, winnowing into label printing niches such as bottles, pouches, vials, boxes, cartons, and trays. There is no particular industry paving the way in this field, as chemical companies, personal care manufacturers, cosmetics, and a slew of food and beverage packaging operations all need high-volume, high-quality labels in a variety of shapes with a variety of challenges unique to each.

This is where Universal Labeling Systems steps in and steps up.

The Universal difference

Our customers need professional, in-line, automatic, and semi-automatic high-yield printing machines. Universal Labeling Systems knows the myriad, labyrinthine path to get the right information and graphics on the right kind of label for your unique product — regardless of difficulty in the packaging designs and aesthetics.

Print-and-apply technology

Flexible package label printing has become more and more a necessity in the modern label printing industry. Print-and-apply technology for a variety of label shapes, types, and various readymade gums for numerous adhesive solutions are now the norm for packages of all kinds. ULS’s labeling systems use industry-leading technology to execute large-volume printing solutions at top speeds. As a bonus, their commitment to adaptability and performance is much like our own.

The current Universal Labeling Systems lineup

They also have the expertise and machine systems to assist you, no matter the challenge. The machines ULS current manufactures and distributes include:

  • Horizontal roller labeling systems
  • Vertical trunnion labeling systems
  • Flag labeling systems
  • Multi-side labeling systems
  • Tamp and wipe labeling systems
  • Top and bottom labeling systems
  • Vacuum belt labeling systems
  • Product encapsulating labeling systems
  • Conical shape labeling systems

ULS’ versatility

Universal Labeling Systems is unique among its peers largely for its versatility. In the course of their industry experience, they’ve manufactured over 28,000 machine systems (and counting), including in-line, tabletop, and print-and-apply for business solutions more complex than you’d think. They’ve set a high standard for quality and they back it up with their reliable reputation.

About ULS

Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, Universal Labeling Systems is an American company featuring in-house design, assembly, testing, and parts facilities. Their made-to-order labeling machinery is patented as pressure-sensitive labeling equipment.

Buying high-quality American label printing equipment you can be proud of has never been easier! In addition to ULS’ high-quality machine design, we also have technical engineers on-hand to lend their expertise and support from top-of-the-funnel inquiries to order processing with a tight turnaround.

Experience the ULS difference through Lofton’s exclusive partnership

Lofton Label & Packaging is dedicated to the highest quality printed products and labels for high-yield businesses and organizations. Whether you need labels for retail products, supplements, animal medicine, or expandable content labels, our partnership with Universal Labeling Systems is the best option for your labeling needs.

We take orders for printing at our facility, and we’re also a proud member of Universal Labeling Systems’ worldwide network of authorized distributors. If it makes sense for your operation to move labeling printing in-house, contact us today for some old-style customer-first service.